Within the scope of globalization processes in the field of sustainable development, applied to agriculture and the environment, several challenges have been collectively posed to people, companies and institutions, in order to, through a common harmony and cooperation with each other, define new models. of global development for all humanity with strategies of economic, environmental and human value.

Recent developments and the experience of the various sectors have shown that, more than a discussion around the idea of sustainable development, at the moment, it is the practical question of making the transition to sustainability and its permanence happen, which requires greater attention and acting.

Cooperation is the means by which, to establish and stabilize this transition in an adequate, feasible and lasting way, it is necessary that entities from different sectors with the integration and participation of communities, can jointly develop and apply the strategy for the implementation concrete and sustainable goals.

Humanization is the expression of the stable relationship between man and nature, which is only possible when man interacts with the environment in a healthy and conscious way.

More than an economic project, this is a humanization project through sustainability. Allowing not only the urgent environmental and ecological sustainability, but also, and consequently, the economic sustainability of families with fast-growing and healthy cultures, due to the quality of the soils and their use.

This clear sustainable benefit will also contribute to a model of sustainable citizenship, which focuses on a correct relationship between man and nature, through the correct use of natural and human resources.

A relationship that does not compromise the future man.



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